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Emet.MC – Who You Are

Emet.MC - Who You Are

Biography of Sheila Ngafeeson, AKA Emet.MC
Sheila Ngafeeson, known by her stage name Emet.MC, is a talented gospel music writer and singer hailing from the vibrant city of Bamenda in Cameroon. From a young age, She has been captivated by music, finding her voice and purpose in singing praises to the Lord in her local church and school settings.

Her musical journey has been deeply rooted in her faith and love for God, as she channels her passion for worship and praise into creating soul-stirring melodies and inspiring lyrics. Her involvement with The Glorious Symphony choir of Bamenda Baptist Church has provided her with a platform to share her gift of music and touch the hearts of listeners with her powerful voice and heartfelt songs.

In a remarkable milestone in her career, Emet.MC recently released her debut single music tape titled “Who You Are,” a heartfelt and uplifting track that showcases her devotion to God and her desire to spread His message of love and grace through music. Through her music, She aims to uplift the spirits of her fellow brethren and draw listeners closer to God through the power of worship.

Beyond her music ministry, Emet.MC is a woman of many talents and passions. As an audit accountant and businesswoman, she brings a meticulous and analytical approach to her work, balancing her creative pursuits with a keen eye for detail and professionalism. In her leisure time, She finds joy in cooking, traveling, and engaging in physical exercise, finding inspiration and relaxation in these activities.

Her heart for service extends beyond her music and career, as she enjoys working with children and young people, mentoring and inspiring the next generation to pursue their dreams and embrace their talents. Her compassionate spirit and dedication to making a positive impact in the lives of others shine through in all aspects of her life and work.

As she continues to pursue her passion for music and ministry, Sheila Ngafeeson, AKA Emet.MC, remains a shining light in the gospel music scene, a devoted Christian, and a beacon of inspiration for all who have the privilege of listening to her music and experiencing her genuine love for God and humanity.
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